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Pinot Noir Tasting 12 pack

Pinot Noir Tasting 12 pack

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3 x Derwent Lime Kiln Pinot Noir

3 x Neudorf Tom's Block Pinot Noir

3 x Copabella Pinot Noir

3 x Marchand & Burch Pinot Noir 

Enjoy a whimsical evening of Pinot Noir perfection, where the glasses clink with the merry melodies of Derwent Lime Kiln's enchanting notes, dancing like fireflies in a moonlit forest. As the laughter flows as freely as Neudorf Tom's Block, the conversation weaves a tapestry of tales as intricate as the flavors within each sip. Copabella joins the symphony, a mischievous partner in this grapey waltz, swirling and twirling with a hint of daring decadence. And then, like a magician unveiling a grand finale, Marchand & Burch steps onto the stage, an elegant showstopper, leaving a trail of velvet whispers on eager palates. Together, these Pinot Noir charmers transform an ordinary evening into a sublime escapade, a merry-go-round of flavors that spins the world into a kaleidoscope of vinous delight.

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