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Riesling Tasting 12 pack

Riesling Tasting 12 pack

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4 x Atlas Watervale Riesling

4 x Neudorf Rosie's Block Moutere Dry Riesling

4 x Majella Riesling

Indulging in the exquisite trio of Neudorf Rosie's Block Moutere Dry Riesling, Atlas Watervale Riesling, and Majella Riesling is a journey through the captivating nuances of this beloved white wine varietal. Neudorf Rosie's Block Moutere Dry Riesling enchants the palate with its crisp acidity and vibrant citrus notes, delivering a delightful interplay between zesty lemon and mineral undertones that dance across the senses. Meanwhile, the Atlas Watervale Riesling hails from a terroir that bestows upon it a unique character, presenting a harmonious fusion of floral aromas and juicy peach flavors, elegantly balanced by a touch of natural sweetness. Lastly, the Majella Riesling reveals a stunning expression of the grape, boasting a tantalizing bouquet of green apple and pear, leading to a palate-caressing experience that marries lively acidity with a hint of apricot, culminating in a gracefully refreshing finish. Each of these Rieslings offers an individualistic charm, embodying the artistry of winemaking and inviting enthusiasts to savor the essence of their respective origins.

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