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Teusner "The G" Grenache

Teusner "The G" Grenache

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Sourced from vineyards located around the perimeter of almost the entire valley! The increasing elevations of many of these locations brings cooler nights and impacts the grapes to enhance bright acidities and freshness with supporting but not intrusive tannin. The benefit of sourcing from all over the valley is complexity. 

We tend to get the bright fresh Asian/North African spices from the deep sands, lifted red summer fruits from the northern red clays and savoury richness from the southern loams. Climatically these sub-regions are also quite distinct from each other which helps build the complexity in the wine. The quality of the vintage is arguably the best the Barossa has seen in recent times. The wines displaying wonderfully rich, vibrant and
concentrated flavours with outstanding structure, colour and balance. Windy conditions at flowering meant lowered fruit set on the Grenache, and crops were only slightly higher than the past two drought years. Modest yields and ideal ripening conditions allowed us to pick early, ensuring the fruit retained a brilliant vitality and freshness, without being over ripe. As a result, the wine is only just medium bodied, which, when combined with the bright acidity and the complex but fresh aromatic makes it such a refreshing and enjoyable drink that can be enjoyed with almost any food!

“Grenache is part of our DNA at Teusner. It’s our blood. The first wine we ever made, 2002 Joshua, 65% Grenache. Our mates said we were mad - “no one even knows what Grenache is, you’ll never sell it” they told us. Didn’t matter. Made it anyway. Now one of our signature wines. Love the stuff. Over 130 years of provenance in the Barossa can’t be wrong. Surely?” 

Enjoy "The G"!

Kym Teusner, Winemaker

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