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Teusner 'The Gentleman' Cabernet Sauvignon

Teusner 'The Gentleman' Cabernet Sauvignon

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“Barossa Shiraz holds uber celebrity status, which means Cabernet Sauvignon from around here is often overlooked. I reckon it’s hugely underrated and there are plenty of Barossa Cabernet wines I’d be happy to put on the tasting bench to challenge the notion that Shiraz is the only thing we can excel at around here.

Approximately 70% of this wine originates from David Forrest’s vineyard high up in the Eden Valley. At around 400 metres above sea level, one of the highest points in the Barossa region, this vineyard produces truly exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon – indeed some of the best I have had the pleasure to work with. It’s pretty tough country up there and the lean bony soils keep the yields low and the berries small....hallmarks of flavour intensity. To create a slightly richer style, I decided from the 2014 vintage to introduce about 30% Barossa Valley Cabernet from the Riebke’s vineyards at Ebenezer to the blend...and I’m very happy with the result. The Barossa Valley component provides structure and power, a great partner for the classic Cabernet elegance and a sweet cassis fruit core of the Eden
Valley fruit.

The Eden Valley fruit takes the lead in the wine...plenty of lifted notes and blue fruits, creating a really elegant wine that has real energy about it. The Barossa Valley fruit gives the wine lovely rich dark black fruits...but the delicious savoury tannins of Cabernet Sauvignon still shine through, making this such a bloody delicious drink! Here’s to the unwavering dedication of blokes like ‘Spog’ Forrest. A true gentleman of the Barossa.”

Kym Teusner, Winemaker

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